Things Casino Pros are Tired of Explaining

The casinos  3win are filled with all kinds of players, from the newbies to the professionals, having a good time under one roof. The casino experience for every player is unique. While some players go out celebrating their big wins, some may not even have enough money left to even have dinner. For most parts, it is the professional players who everyone looks out for in the casinos. Everyone wants to get advice from the pros about how the games and casinos work. While the pros may answer your questions if they are unique, they are mostly tired of explaining the basic casino environment to everyone. Next time you have a question for a professional, make sure that it is not one of these.

Are the games rigged?

Considering the advancement of technology, we can say that the games are not rigged. The casinos make sure that they test all their games before introducing them to the players. With high house edges on every game that is earning money for the casinos, they will not lower their standards by rigging a game for their advantage. On the other hand, if the game was rigged to offer you more wins, you would not be here complaining about it. Casinos make a lot of money and have no reason to cheat their guests. If you are having a bad day, it is probably time to stop and come back with a fresh mind.


Are the drinks for free?

It is similar to asking whether the glass is half full or half empty. You should know that the free drinks are only available at the gaming tables. This means that only when you play bets at the table you will be served with drinks. Suppose you lost $100 in a game and then receive a drink worth $10 for free. You are still losing 90$. Now, unless you are a chronic drinker, you are not really making any profits with free drinks. It is also a question that you should avoid asking a professional, or you will piss them off. The pros do not care about the drinks and are serious about making some money.

Is borrowing okay?

No, borrowing is not okay or healthy for your gaming career. The pros will always suggest you play with only a small amount of your entire entertainment budget. If you are on the verge of borrowing money from others, you already have a gambling problem. It is also considered rude to ask others in a casino for money to play the games. Next time you lose all your money for the day, take a break and come back some other day.


Is smoking, okay?

While most of the casinos have special rooms for players who smoke, it can be seen as impolite and rude to smoke at the non-smoker’s table. If you really want to smoke a cigarette or pipe, but the table does not allow it, there is nothing you can do to change that. If you try to light up a cigarette at a no-smoking table, the security will be there any moment, and the pros will also not see you as a good player.

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